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I’m currently pursuing an MBA at MIT with a focus in sustainability and agriculture.  For Mama Shayna’s latest musings, please check out:


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    I’ve become interested in fair trade over the past year or so, focusing on the apparel & textile industries as that is my work environment. I am interested in following others who share this passion. Please add me to your RSS feed and/or email list.

    Thanks! Constance

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    Dear Shayna,

    I’m the editor of a bi-monthly information service for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

    This is to ask your permission for one-time reproduction rights to a photo I found on a recent blog entry of yours from the sertao in Brazil, which I would very much like to use for an upcoming issue of UNCCD News to launch the UN Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification.

    The UNCCD is a non-profit body and I’m afraid we can’t pay you for these reprint rights, but we would of course give you full credit in any manner you require.

    The news service exists both online ( and in downloadable PDF. I’ve dummied up the issue in which I’d like to run your photo: see http://www.crosslake/unccdnews/issue2,4. The dummy already features your photo (grazing goats) plus an extended caption and your credit.

    I’d be grateful for your soonest reply, as August 16 is our publication date. I admire your work in all respects and hope you can agree to this request.


    Tim Nater

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      mamashayna said,

      Dear Tim, I’m glad that you found the post! Yes, you can use the photo. Please credit: Shayna Sara Harris, Fulbright Scholar Brazil. I have a number of other photos, if you need more, as I spent 1 year working in the sertao as a Fulbright. Best, Shayna

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    Thank you very much, Shayna. We will credit Shayna Sara Harris, Fulbright Scholar Brazil, as requested.

    Good luck with your MBA


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