Story of the Day: Comfort

Here’s the Story of the Day: Comfort

Whenever I go on a trip,

I think about all the homes I’ve had

& I remember how little has changed

about what comforts* me.

* = my old worn out feather pillow that mom un-stuffed by hand for just the right level of fluffiness ::  coffee, but good, freshly ground strong fair trade organic coffee in a very large mug with vanilla soymilk & cinnamon :: full, whole body, real hugs in which you can breath in the goodness :: plain organic yogurt :: the crease at the corner of your big brown eyes when you smile :: pigeon pose @ yoga :: wine with mom & lu after a long journey :: cherry red :: long walks outside on a cold or warm day, as long as the sun is on my face :: travel & discovery & long scenic bus rides :: corn tortillas fresh from the comal :: the thought of having a garden full of fresh herbs one day :: loitering all day long at the coffee shop ::  stella & humphrey :: dad’s salt & pepper ‘stash :: enjoying kim crawford savignon blanc :: lenine + jorge drexler + laura’s famous music mixes :: wrapping up in my paisely indian scarf on long rides ::


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  1. 1

    mommy said,

    when I read those ‘comforts’ I see your face. It’s amazing how those ‘little’ things create the tapestry that is you! These memories create your home, wherever that may be.
    love you,

  2. 2

    Noe said,

    That is really great babe! I like this one. You are the greatest.

  3. 3

    Katy said,

    Shay-Shay –

    I would amend this list with a papasan chair, a grapefruit candle, and a room full of giggles with your barefoot friends!!

  4. 4

    Tricia said,

    Fun to find your Brazil blog and one of your last posts—this Brian Andreas print that I bought right after I married my Carioca husband 2 years ago…now our home is here in Rio!!

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